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In support of our client’s executive search needs, WING & ASSOCIATES is a hands-on, personal touch, one-on-one
executive search firm that has access to the sharpest and most talented individuals to be found. As a specialized consulting
service we take a different approach when placing human resources and sales professionals at the executive and senior
management level, which puts us in a category all our own. What makes us unique to our industry is our experience, our
intention and our objectives. We are not the type of search firm that only wants to fill a slot, but instead, we also want to help
our clients succeed at many different levels.

As far as we’re concerned, understanding our client’s needs is as crucial to the success of your company as it is to our own.  
To our way of thinking, it is critically important that we do our job correctly. We dig deep so that we can learn everything
possible about our client’s needs, their industry and their particular company.  In order to understand a company’s culture
and its mode of operation, it’s necessary that we understand the various aspects relative to any particular business. With the
information in hand, we can tailor each search so that we find the right person, with the right skills as well as the right

Regional Operations Vice President – Canadian/UU Document Management Co.
Vice President, Resort Development - National Resort Developer
Vice President, Sales-$300 million Florida Manufacturing Co.
Hotel Director - 5 Star Florida Resort
Managing Director - Historic Florida Hotel & Resort
Regional President – $3 billion Florida based Bank
Vice President, Human Resources – $1billion Defense Contractor
Chief Financial Officer – Northwestern US Construction Company
Vice President, Finance – Florida Resort Development
Canadian Regional Human Resources Director- National Environmental Services Co.
General Manager, Caribbean Operations – National Environmental Services, Co.

We also provide a Diversity Search, offered on a retainer basis and reserved for those organizations that are committed to
diversifying their senior management positions. This type of search requires a professional who has vision and strategic
direction; a professional who keeps in mind the needs of the client’s organization. This is the kind of search you receive
when you utilize the talents of  

To begin the process, we will arrange a time to meet with you so that we can determine the type of candidates you are
seeking and where you have the most pressing human resource needs. If you are ready to grow your business, feel free to
contact us today so that we can begin addressing your most important top-notch executive and sales professional needs.
Why delay? Let us help you find the most qualified people for your team.  We are available by phone (512) 996-0599 or just
CONTACT US and fill out the form provided. We are easily accessible to answer any of your questions or inquiries. Call
today and let us help put your company a cut above the competition. We look forward to hearing from you.
We can help you find the missing piece
To make that happen, we personally focus on each client
and ensure they get the attention they deserve. We limit
the number of clients we work with to assure that each
client gets the attention they desire and require.
Furthermore, we do an intensive search so that we can
identify the right person for that important job. In other
words, our goal is to assure that each candidate we
recommend to an organization will be a natural fit.