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There are many candidates that are ready for career advancement, but so often they are not sure how to progress to the next
level.  To help you get where you want to go, at  
WING & ASSOCIATES, we offer specific career advice regarding how to
achieve your professional goals. We do that by taking you through a step by step process, making sure every detail is

The Tools of the Trade

WING & ASSOCIATES helps you create a highly effective resume that gets results. To positively influence the interviewer, we
also teach you about interview preparation and what you need to say and do during an interview. We will not skirt an issue if
we believe you need help in certain areas and therefore we provide constructive feedback. Naturally, you can rest in the
knowledge that everything you say to us is held in the strictest of confidence. In fact, we provide trusted third party
advocacy throughout the entire search and development career process.                                     

An Overview of Our Career Planning and Coaching

There are several steps in the process of career planning and coaching.

  • We begin with an evaluation of your education, training and career history. We carefully assess where you’ve been,
    what you’ve done, your successes and any drawbacks to your career. We also take into account the current market as
    it relates to your salary compensation, progression and overall benefits. During this overview, our goal is to
    determine whether your career is healthy. We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your continued
    career advancement. If something is in the way of your advancement, we do everything in our power to help clear it
    out so that you can ultimately reach your career goals.  

  • Next we explore any alternate routes, which would allow you to use your skills, but potentially use them in a similar or
    different field. During this stage, we also consider market trends, industry growth and whether your particular industry
    is stable.  If the industry is not stable, we steer you in a direction where your skills can translate into a different and
    more marketable industry.  

  • We then devise a course of action that considers your career goals. We do that by addressing all the steps you can
    take that will lead you in the right direction. While the word “pro-active” has been worn out, it still applies when it
    comes to career advancement. To that end, we help you take your career in the direction you want it to go by keeping
    you pro-active.  We also make sure to keep in mind your overall objectives including compensation, benefits,
    fulfillment, and increased responsibility.  

  • In the last stage, we put everything into play that we worked on during your course of action by helping you to explore
    new career opportunities. If there is any potential in your present company, we also help you by considering different
    departments within your company that may be better suited to you. In short, we help you take control of your current
    position so that you can confidently move forward.   

We don’t just stop there. We also keep tabs on your progression and help you if you hit any snags. To get started, we will
arrange a time to meet with you so that we can determine your career needs. If you are ready to advance your career, feel free
to contact us today so that we can begin addressing your most important career needs. Why delay? Let us help you find the
perfect job in the perfect company. We are available by phone (512)996-0599 or e-mail at and
we are easily accessible to answer any of your questions or inquiries. Let us help you make a positive career decision.

CONTACT US! We look forward to hearing from you.
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